The Best Shoes for Little Feet

Being Barefoot Boosts Brain Development

“Put your shoes on, you look like no one cares about you” my mum used to say to me when I was a kid.

Turns out the truth is quite the opposite. Going barefoot is possibly the kindest thing you could do for your little ones feet.

We have all seen the adorable swagger of our toddling babies as they begin to learn to walk. The stumbles that a terrific two makes as they pick up the pace and even the epic “stackosauras” (thats a tech term we like to use in our household) that a 4 year old can take over seemingly nothing.

With every step there are  200,000 nerve endings on the foot sending info back to the brain telling the correct muscles to “fire” at the correct time.

 It is through the constant practice of that neurological feedback and action resulting from it that our body learns what it needs to do to perform at its natural and efficient best. 

So we want to allow this process to happen as naturally and easily as we possibly can for them right?

Locking our kids feet up in hard sole shoes that don't allow movement and flexibility means we are in fact blocking all kinds of opportunities for kids to develop neural connections in the brain.

Wiggle your toes in your shoes right now. You can't feel much at all of what's happening under foot can you?

Medical professionals recommend walking in bare feet is best for growing feet and minds (and so do we). Giving your little one every opportunity you can to go barefoot and to walk on various shaped and textured surfaces helps them to make those neurological connections.

The feet have the ability to affect the whole body. Its strength, balance and flexibility. Laying the foundations for a healthy body all begins with the building of strong feet.

So shed the hard sole shoes and go bare for their growing feet, brains and body’s natural development.

Little Leather offer a range of soft sole shoes an alternative to walking barefoot for occasions when shoes are required. Mimicking barefoot walking they allow muscles and bones to develop arches to strengthen and sensation to be felt under foot to aid neurofeedback.

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