The Best Shoes for Little Feet

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  • What are the best baby walking shoes?

    So your little one is on the move. Taking your terrific wriggly toddler shoe shopping can send the calmest of mamas into a spin as you contemplate how you going to get them on, keep them on and of course they can't tell you if they even fit right?

    There are a few things to look for, here goes

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    Growing little people is hard work. And keeping up with the constant demand for new clothes and shoes as they keep on growing is next level right? We hear you! So we are giving away a year supply of shoes valued at $150. You choose style, colour and size. We will foot the bill (pun intended!) Its super easy to enter. 
  • The Best Eggver (chocolate free) Kids Easter Gift Guide

    If you, like me, after the celebrations have finished, temptation invades every corner of your fridge with the haul of Easter eggs the kids have received from family and friends along with the odd block of choccie.

    That's why I have put together this "eggcellent" (Chocolate Free) Easter Gift Guide just for you.

  • 4 things you need to know to choose the right size shoes for your first walker

    Foot shaped shoes Sounds obvious, doesn’t it?

    But if you have a close look at your little ones feet compared to your own. You’ll note the shape is quite dramatically different.

  • 8 "Must Knows" to choose the right shoes for your baby.

    Wow! Look at those tiny little feet you’ve created. Perfect little balls of squiggeyness.

    Did you know their little feet haven't developed bones yet? That "squige" is just soft and pliable cartilage that will continue to develop up until they turn 5! Their little soles are flat as their arches are still developing too.