The Best Shoes for Little Feet

8 "Must Knows" to choose the right shoes for your baby.

Wow! Look at those tiny little feet you’ve created. Perfect little balls of squiggeyness.

Did you know their little feet haven't developed bones yet? That "squige" is just soft and pliable cartilage that will continue to develop up until they turn 5! Their little soles are flat as their arches are still developing too.

So as you can see it is oh SO important to know how to choose the right kind of shoe, specifically for early walking to ensure that your little one’s feet can develop naturally without constrictions.

Baby Boy wearing soft sole shoes

Choosing your Child's Shoes– What to look out for:

1) Should be comfortable from the start.

2) Flexible & Soft – plenty of room for those tiny little toes to wiggle. This also allows the toes to grip

3) Breathable Fabric - leather or canvas - avoid synthetics as they don’t stretch or breathe.

4) Lightweight.

5) Smooth Soled – Though they might seem to be slippery, rubber soles catch on the ground and should be avoided.

6) Flat Shoe - no arch support so as to simulate barefoot conditions for this age group. Arch support can hinder the ability of a child’s foot to strengthen naturally

7) No Heels

8) Be aware as your child's feet grow in spurts you may need  to replace shoes  every 3 to 4 months. Keep a close eye to  ensure they have plenty of wiggle room.

Take the first step for little ones Natural Foot Development select from our range of shoes for Boys and Girls

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