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As little feet grow and develop a flexible sole is the best choice for their delicate feet. Our beautiful quality bow baby soft sole shoes are a must have for your little ladies first walking wardrobe.


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Positively impact your child's natural foot development.

Barefoot is best but when shoes are required the closest alternative to walking barefoot are soft sole shoes.

Mimicking barefoot walking, they allow muscles and bones to develop uninhibited. Little Leather shoes allow the arches to strengthen and good whole body posture to develop. Wide toe space ensures plenty of space for wiggle room.

From the moment they take their first steps, soft sole baby shoes really are the best (I'd like to really say only) shoes for your baby’s feet.
Toddler learning to walk upstairs with mum holding him
Mum helping toddler put on soft sole shoes

Easy wear shoes for zero to two year olds.

Little Leather Shoes are made from super soft 100% leather.

Little Leather Shoes can be worn straight on in warmer months or teamed with socks or tights when it's cooler.

The closed in toe keeps your little one’s feet protected wherever they walk, run and play. The wide toe space ensures plenty of space for wiggle room.

Fastened with an elasticized ankle, Our shoes are easy to put on and keep on, as well as being super comfy for your little one too.

The gold standard shoes for first walkers

We have all seen the adorable swagger of our toddling babies as they begin to learn to walk and the stumbles that terrific two makes as they pick up the pace. Then there are those epic “stackosauras’s” (that’s a tech term we like to use in our household) that a four year old can take over seemingly nothing.

While that is all happening, 200,000 nerve endings in the feet are sending info back to the brain that in turn tells the correct muscles to “fire” at the correct time.

Through the constant practicing of that neurological feedback and action resulting from it, our body learns what it needs to do to perform at its natural and efficient best. So we want to allow this process to happen as naturally and easily as we possibly can for them right?

Putting little ones feet in a hard sole essentially means their feet are “locked up” in an unnatural position. Hard soles also disrupt the neurological feedback process, forcing the foot to conform to a structured sole that more than likely is more relevant to the style of shoe that fashion and industry dictate, than the natural position and movement of the foot.

The results? The feet have the ability to effect the whole body - its strength, balance and flexibility. Though your little one most likely will not note any pain initially, as their bodies are still learning and will compensate for any reduced and unnatural movement, ultimately over time feet that aren't “right” will throw the body out of balance and cause aches and pain.

The alternative. Well medical professionals recommend walking in barefoot is best for growing feet and so do we. You can significantly and positively impact your child's natural foot development by allowing them to go bare foot wherever possible, adopting a bare foot policy at home.

You can give your little one the opportunity to walk on and experience various shaped and textured surfaces by letting them go barefoot wherever possible. Many playgrounds offer this opportunity.

However when they are out and about and shoes are required, the closest alternative to walking barefoot are soft sole shoes.

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Australia Australia

Best shoes

These shoes are so soft and very easy to put on wriggly feet and they look great.

Little Leather Childrens Shoes

Thanks Gina! Easy on 100% or goal! Thanks for the review. Vanessa

Jo D.
Australia Australia

Will order again

These shoes are perfect for my toddler. They are beautiful and so easy for her to walk in.

Little Leather Childrens Shoes

Thanks so much for taking the time to review Jo. SO glad to hear you are getting on so well with them. Many thanks Vanessa

Andrea P.
Australia Australia

Beautiful shoes!

Was so excited to get our parcel! The shoes are great quality and our little girl loves having them on. They go on super easy which is a bonus with a bub who is on the move. Can't wait to purchase more as she grows

Little Leather Childrens Shoes

It is game on once they start moving! So happy we could help you with your first shoes. Thank you for your lovely review. Vanessa xo

Maya B.

Great shoes

I spent a fortune on 2 pairs of bobux for my little one, one soft sole booties which she found too hard to walk in and another pair which soles were too hard for her feet. I ended up buying a pair little leather and found them really practical and cute looking so I got another one in a different colour. She gets lots of compliments when wearing them

Little Leather Childrens Shoes

Wow thanks Maya! What a great wrap you've given us. Thank you so much so good to hear! Many thanks Vanessa

Hilary D.

Perfect In Every Way

Little Leather shoes are by far the best leather baby shoes in the market. Premium leather, attention to detail and finish as well as a great range of styles and colours mean that I have three daughters who’ve all worn Little Leather shoes. Delivery is fast and convenient too! Thank you.

Little Leather Childrens Shoes

Thank you so much Hilary. That's so awesome to hear we have looked after all 3 of your daughters shoes. Thank you for the lovely review. Vanessa ox