Pre & Early Walkers

(0-2 year olds)


(9mth-3 year olds)

Shoes made with feet in mind

Hi I'm Vanessa, aussie mama of 2 brilliant little boys.

I found it so tricky to find nice looking shoes that are great for growing little feet too.

That is why I have created these adorable shoes - so your kids feet look gorgeous, but also strengthen and develop in the best way possible.

Although our shoes are downright adorable

did you know they don't just look good - they're better for little feet! The structure of our feet actually remains soft and pliable right up until we're 7 years old.

We continue to broaden our range to offer flexible sole alternatives beyond the toddler years.

Boy sitting on stairs view from above barefoot soft sole shoes next to him
Boy being assisted by mum to climb stairs

Walking Barefoot or in soft sole shoes (for protection)

allows your child's arches to strengthen, improves posture and stability and helps them stay aware of the space around them.

Our soft suede sole shoes were developed for little ones just beginning to master the art of walking.

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