Early walker & Pre walkers baby shoes

Little Leathers Pre walker shoes aren't only totally adorable. They are super comfy for your baby’s delicate little feet.

Babies feet continue to strengthen and develop for many years (until they are 7 years old in fact). Health professionals recommend soft sole prewalker shoes in the early years. These allow for this development to occur uninhibited.

Our prewalker shoe designs feature premium quality leather uppers. Soft suede soles that allow the greatest flexibility and movement. With loads of space so that they can wiggle and wriggle.

The breathable natural leather means your baby shoes are suitable all year round. Team with socks or stocking in the cool months or slip straight on in the warmer months.

Encase their soft little feet in your choice of, soft sole moccasins, sandals, tbars or oxford boots. We have soft sole shoes in colours and styles to suit every wardrobe and occasion.

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