Toddler Shoes

Your toddler has aced the early walking stages you might be thinking it is time to put them in a "normal" shoe. (Read this first.)

You've given them a great start in soft sole shoes. But did you know their little feet are still developing right up until they are 7 years of age?

So, flexibility is still important for their feet to continue strengthening and developing.

Our shoes will give your first walker some grip without compromising on flexibility. The unique rubber sole is pliable and soft to allow the greatest range of movement.

As well as being waterproof and durable for your toddler's next outdoor adventure.

Our leather shoes are at the forefront of Australian Toddler Shoe Style. From summer sandals to winter boots we’ve got your kids feet covered.

If your baby is starting out walking you may prefer our Soft Leather Soles

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