About Us

I have worked in several different fields, and faced many challenges. But by far the most epic undertaking so far is motherhood. I’m sure you totally get all the feels right?

I don’t think anyone truly prepares you for the enormity of what you’ll need to know (or try and find out) as a mum.

I for one, knew nothing about natural foot development or the importance of soft sole shoes until a friend gave me a pair at my baby shower. (This same friend introduced me to my husband so I know she knows a good thing when she sees it)

Roll forward a few years, and here I am, Owner of Little Leather Childrens Shoes.

Alongside raising my two little guys, my passion is getting the important message about the importance of soft sole shoes out to as many mamas as possible.

The days are coffee fuelled, the nights are spent at the computer. But powered by the love of these little shoes and all their fantastic benefits, I continue to work tirelessly to spread the word on soft soles one step at a time to mamas just like you.

If you'd like to checkout more about natural foot development for your little one, check the video below.

Lots of Love and Little Shoes

Vanessa xo


Ps Want to know more about our shoes? Please drop me a line at hello@littleleather.com.au




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