Finding the perfect fit

Measure Measure Measure!

Did I say measure? It's truly the best way to be spot on in selecting the right size.

To make it super easy for you simply follow these steps:

1.Download our how to guide and foot measurement printable.

2. Print to scale ( see the guide for printer tips)

3. Watch the video below

4. Refer to our Size Chart to select the perfect size.

Still not sure? Please feel free to email me or use the chat box at the bottom left of your screen. 

Little Leather Size Chart 

My Childs Foot Length


Inner Sole Length 


Little Leather Size

(US Size)

AU Size EU Size

10 cm

11 cm 2



11 cm

11.8 cm 3



12 cm

12.6 cm 4



12.5 cm

13.4 cm 5



13.5 cm

14.2 cm 6 5


14 cm 15 cm 7 6


15 cm 15.8cm 8 7


* Allow min 1/2 - 1cm
between foot length : inner sole length
for wiggle room and growth.

*Please measure your childs foot.
Standard sizes vary greatly between brands.

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