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Toddler Foot Measurement Tool

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Print it out on an A4 page. Don’t forget to select “Actual size” when printing.


Simply place their heel on the marked line and make an indication at the end of the big toe with the date. Check the indicator (be sure you have printed to scale) 

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Keep this printable as a record of your baby’s
growth. We think it looks fab in the
Blueberry Co Monochrome Baby Book!

Made from Leather

So they are natural, breathable and comfortable while providing protection when you are out and about. 

Wiggle Room

A purpose designed wide toe space ensures there is plenty of room for toes to splay out, giggle and wriggle. 


While they are super soft and fantastic for little feet they will also withstand the rigors of your active toddler as they put them through their paces on your next outing. 

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