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Strong Foundations- A Parents Guide to Happy & Healthy Feet

Introducing Benjamin Hodgetts, Functional Sports Podiatrist and advocate of Little Leather soft sole shoes. I first met Ben caring for my own foot health in early 2019, As passionate in his field as I am about our shoes, I just knew we had to collaborate to bring his knowledge and intimate understanding of little one's feet to you.


And wait there's more.... if you've loved what you have read here, we have a free guide you can download with more on foot health as well as some play ideas to grow strong happy & healthy feet. Here is Benjamin to take the floor...


My name is Benjamin Hodgetts and I am a Functional Sports Podiatrist and father to a 14-month-old girl. I don’t know about you, but I couldn’t wait until my little girl started walking to get her into her first pair of Converse. It was more for a cute Instagram shot, than a benefit to her of course, hell, we are all guilty of it.


However, I believe in strong foundations from the ground up....


I encourage you to get your children walking barefoot, to allow the feet to develop the muscles as much as possible.


Like anything, developing our children starts with a strong foundation, where better to start than their feet, I encourage you to get creative parents, lead by example and let your children follow in your footsteps (pardon the pun).


Let’s get barefoot people, not only is “grounding” itself beneficial on many levels, walking barefoot on as many surfaces and materials as possible, allows the feet to “think” and develop best, in sync with the rest of our little one’s milestones.



Been Googling like a FBI agent about what is best for your babies feet? Look no further.


We understand that when it comes to your little one and advice about their development only the best will do.


So we've worked with experts in their fields, Functional Sports Podiatrist, Benjamin Hodgetts and Play Advocate Casey Patch to bring you a parents guide to happy & healthy feet for kids.


So now you no longer need to research "all the things". It's all laid out for you here in our free guide. And you can get back to the fun stuff, chasing after your little ones.


Lets get barefoot

3 Key areas to exercise

Benefits to strengthening feet

Play for strong feet

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    Expert Thoughts

    When in shoes, minimal footwear like the wonderful moccs at Little Leathers for the first few years at least.

    - Benjamin Hodgetts Functional Sports Podiatrist -