What are the best baby walking shoes?

Boy climbing stairs in soft sole shoes

So your little one is on the move.

Taking your terrific wriggly toddler shoe shopping can send the calmest of mamas into a spin as you contemplate how you going to get them on, keep them on and of course they can't tell you if they even fit right?

There are a few things to look for, here goes....


Look inside shoes. Are they a mini me version of your shoes? Why?

Arch support is not necessary for their growing feet.

In fact its recommended by health professionals that barefoot is best.

Or when required for protection shoes with no arch support help develop strength and stability in the feet.


What are the soles made of?

Putting little ones feet in a hard sole essentially means their feet are “locked up” in an unnatural position.

Wiggle your toes in your shoes right now.

Can’t feel much under foot can you.

It’s important for little ones to feel the ground so they develop proprioception- which is an awareness of themselves relative to objects around them.


Are they made of breathable material?

Kids feet sweat twice as much as adults. Breathable soft natural material, like leather should avoid any discomfort for your little one.


Toe box. Is there plenty of space for toes to splay out when standing and room for toes to wriggle.


Ensuring the fit is perfect is a must of course. Feel for a 1mm gap above the largest toe. Hint, have them stand if possible.


Grab our how to guide and foot measurement tool.

From the moment they take their first steps soft sole baby shoes really are the best (I'd like to really say only) shoes for your babies feet.

Expert Thoughts

" I believe in strong foundations from the ground up. I encourage you to get your children walking barefoot, to allow the feet develop the muscles as much the possible. When in shoes, minimal footwear like the wonderful shoes at Little Leathers for the first few years at least "

- Benjamin Hodgetts - Functional Sports Podiatrist

Little Leather soft sole shoes allow muscles and bones to develop uninhibited,the arches to strengthen and good whole body posture to develop. Made of 100% leather they are so soft your little one can slide on without socks and the wide toe space ensures plenty of space.



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