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Recovering from Antibiotics : 3 steps to repopulating the good bugs.

Chances are there has been a time in your household that everyone just seemed to be perpetually sick.

I know its one of my biggest battles as I juggle a business and my babes. So when I met Kate Barnes, Health Coach recently I was keen to hear what I could do to keep the boys and the rest of the household healthy.

I'm delighted to introduce you to her today to guest blog and share some great tips with you all.

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Institute of Integrative Nutrition (IIN),Health Coaching
Post Graduate in Business Administration
Bachelor of Science

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Even a single course of antibiotics permanently changes the landscape of our micro biome i.e. our good flora...

Microbiome being the term given to the precious microorganisms living symbiotically with us as human beings. A relationship that is CRITICAL for a strong, healthy immune system and our optimum wellbeing.

Have you got an ailment you're finding hard to fix or weight you just can't budge no matter what you do or an autoimmune condition that's appeared or parasitic or fungal infections depleting you? There may be a common link.

It has been argued that these conditions could ALL in someway be linked to an imbalanced microbiome, and ultimately perhaps back to a gut that has over the years been impacted by medications and / or antibiotics.  

After having antibiotics it's critical to start repopulating the good bugs asap, helping to safeguard against opportunistic, pathogenic bacteria taking up residence in the vulnerable digestive tract.  

Here's a simplified 3 step process;

1. Feed.

Feed the good bugsthat still remain and encourage them to multiply with prebiotics i.e. food for the probiotic (good bugs) e.g. raw, preferably organic, vegetables and fruits, psyllium, garlic, onion. Ideally directly from the source or the veggie patch, with a healthy dose of living microbes (probiotics) right there in your home environment perfectly adapted to your microbiome. Dandelion (weed) is an especially good prebiotic! Don't spray or pull it out, save a patch for your green smoothie or salad!

This insoluble fiber provides food for good bacteria while giving it a structure upon which to multiply. How to add these foods in;

  • A range of different coloured Veggie sticks and salads are a great option.
  • Add extra to the kids lunch boxes or if they have 'crunch and sip' in the class.
  • Encourage them to take veggies before fruit.
  • Green smoothiesare a perfect way to enjoy some of the prebiotic foods listed below.

Other wonderful prebiotics are dandelion greens, cabbage, leeks, garlic, onion, ginger, artichoke. If you have a baby, green smoothies are not necessary, keep reading for more ideas. Listen to your body, watch your children and check what foods work best for your family.

2. Weed.

Avoid all processed sugars & highly refined / processed foods. Processed sugar & foods feed more of the “bad” bacteria (including the pathogen you are trying to destroy with the antibiotic).   Rather build the population of good bugs with healthy food and weed out (starve) the pathogenic bugs.

Processed foods, including highly refined breakfast cereals and the 'healthier' variety of sugars such as agave, brown rice syrup, fruit juice, etc. should be avoided (weeded out). Even varieties of fruit with higher sugar content e.g. banana's should be limited during this time e.g. a week or so. Fruit lower in sugar such as berries or apples stewed or grated are a great alternative sweetener.   Also try using xylitol or stevia.

3. Seed.

Or repopulate. Add in fermented foods, home grown herbs and veggies and/or Probiotics to help repopulate the gut with good bacteria.

Probiotics are foods or supplements that contain beneficial bacteria.

Go to home grown food, fermented foods first that are high in good bacteria, enzymes and nutrients. Easy fermented food recipes to try include; milk kefir, a basic kimchi,a simple sauerkraut or a fermented turmeric tonicor fermented garlic honey- if you haven't already, give one or all of them a go!Fermented Foods and/or Probiotics.

But note, probiotics are not all equal. Avoid flavoured, commercial yogurt with sugar added. It will do as much harm to our gut flora than good. The probiotic brands we use include;

  • doTERRA PB assist (gives a good combination of bacterial strains & has an enteric coating to help get past the guts stomach acid)
  • Terraflora, a soil based bacterial formulation or
  • Probex by metagenics.
  • Metagenics, bioceuticals or orthoplex infant probiotics.

There are SO many different strains of bacteria that we need it's important to 'mix it up' and not rely on any one for an extended period of time.

Most importantly enjoy vegetables from the garden, including the microscopic bacteria that come along for the ride.

Feed. Weed. Seed.

Other steps to add in and support the process.

4. Bone stock and gelatin can help the body heal and restore the mucosal lining in our digestive system (which can be damaged during antibiotic use, damaging lifestyle choices or poor diet).

Bone stock already contains gelatin, so if consuming homemade stock you will not necessarily need to supplement your diet with other forms of gelatin.

5. A minimal amount of screen time and LOTS of playing outside.  Many of our good bacteria thrive on our bodies movement and exercise. Even if the weather isn't conducive, get the family outside, experiencing the elements and all the goodness the great outdoors offer us.

6. Essential Oils.  Essential oils have the 'intelligence' to recognise pathogenic bugs from the beneficial bugs within us, just as they do for the plant, when in nature. They've become a fundamental part of our home. If you're interested in learning more contact me on or check out details for my next class and webinar, 'Natures Medicine Cabinet with Essential Oils'.

While these are steps to rebuild after having to use antibiotics they are equally applicable to use to help build a strong microbiome and overall wellbeing.  

Why Kids Get Sick

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