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My adventurer child

Little Girl walking outside in her soft sole shoes

At the heart of Little Leather there is a strong community of mamas who spread the word about soft sole shoes and shout our name from the roof tops. Who I am extremely grateful for.

Welcoming Nicole Denmeade to guest blog today. One such mum who loves our shoes and is here to share with you her experiences with them.

You can find Nicole over on Instagram @learningthemumlife or at her own blog


Vanessa ox

"Looks like Pocahontas in her Little Leather Shoes"
Guest Blog by Nicole Denmeade

Every child has an adventurous side. Some are wilder then others but they all love to explore the outdoors.

My youngest daughter, Lauren, loves to explore the big wide world. Luckily for her we live in the hills of Perth Western Australia which is filled with amazing bush land and endless trails to fill her cup up of nature.  

Lauren has only recently turned 1 and is absolutely fearless. She loves to climb and crawl everywhere. Luckily for this mama bear she can’t walk yet but she does give it a good go.

With our back yard being all bush I do worry about her little feet and toes. I worry she may stand or crawl on something sharp or even cut her feet so when I found Little Leather shoes I thought they would be perfect.

I had been told by my health nurse that wearing hard soled shoes for little ones is terrible for the muscle development in their feet but we needed something hardy for where we live.

My adventurer child looks like Pocahontas in her little leather shoes which is perfectly fitting for her wild and free personality. They feel of such high quality and look super cute. I’m also guessing they are comfortable because Lauren never tries to take them off.

Our pair of shoes has taken a beating up at our place and still looks like new. When they have been dragged through the mud it easily wipes off and they look new again.

Lauren’s big sister and I are very envious of her cool kicks; I do secretly wish they came in my size. Because they are so darn cute, they look fantastic with a cute dress on for special occasions as well as running around wild through the bush.

I’m looking forward to seeing Lauren being able to walk one day and knowing that her feet are protected from the elements and they are in no way disrupting the development of her feet.




Expert Thoughts

When in shoes, minimal footwear like the wonderful moccs at Little Leathers for the first few years at least.

- Benjamin Hodgetts Functional Sports Podiatrist -

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